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Looking back on more than 40 years of experience, Agromatic stands for Swiss quality products and high-tech monitoring equipment used in the grain and food industry.

The foundation stone was laid in 1979 by experts of the cereal and electrical industries developing and manufacturing the first silo temperature monitoring device and level measuring systems.

From the beginning we have been committed to ensure quality, sustainability and long lifespan right at the development stage paying attention to the respective assembly groups and products.

Wherever reasonable and possible, new environmentally compatible building materials are approved and being used.

In the course of time the product range was gradually enlarged by an important number of care products for the cereal storage and milling industries.

Today the company is successfully offering innovative products which are technologically in the lead, complemented by third-party products meeting our high level of quality standard, and for which we can ensure the maintenance and repair.


Agromatic becomes a certified service partner of Fagus GreCon.


40 years of Agromatic
Further development of the proven ACC probes with new, simplified menu navigation and optical display using multi-colour LEDs.


Agromatic focuses on renewable energies and thus makes a significant contribution to the conservation of resources in our environment: The heating of our company building is converted from oil to wood pellets.


Milestone: Many third-party systems can also be integrated into the Agromatic temperature measuring system.


With the new generation of the ADT temperature measuring system, Agromatic is able to integrate very old temperature measuring systems and thus contribute to environmental protection, as these can continue to operate.


Extension of the temperature measuring systems by radio operated probes, which can also be integrated into the new generation of temperature measuring systems.


Agromatic develops new trend-setting temperature measuring systems based on digital 2-wire temperature sensors.


Transfer of the company to the 2nd generation.


ATEX start: all devices are tested and approved

Agromatic Ges.m.b.H. is ISO certified


Agromatic AG is certified according to ATEX/ISO


Agromatic Ges.m.b.H. becomes official calibration agency for temperature and humidity


Opening of Agromatic Ges.m.b.H. in Gerasdorf (Austria)


Opening of further country representations


Opening of the first subsidiary Agromatic GmbH in Bad Selzdetfurth (Germany)


Move into own company building


first Quick moisture analyzer

Agromatic is the first company to test equipment according to Zone 10 regulations and supports basic research


first speed and misalignment monitors for elevators, first jam indicators and limit switches


The world's first automatically regulating dampening system for grain is delivered to a mill in Austria.


Storage temperature monitoring for elevators and first samplers


Foundation of Agromatic AG