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Laboratory Mills

4-roller laboratory mill with one sieve stage for grinding grain samples for laboratory analyses.

  • Grinding block
    • Aluminium
    • Grinding rollers corrugated and hardened
    • Double bearing shafts
    • Electronically controlled dosing screw
    • Finger protection
  • Drum sieve with cloth 250 µm
  • Incl. flour and bran container
  • Motor block with control unit
  • Electronic locking: mill can only be operated with front door closed
  • Removable door for flour container and openings for continuous operation
  • Motor: 3 x 400V via frequency converter
  • Supply voltage 230VAC
  • Connection cable 3m, 3-wire without plug
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Art. 6000006 


  • Art. 6081 Tool kit for laboratory mill AQC198 / 806 / 806S
  • Art. 6101 Spare parts kit for laboratory mill AQC198 / 806 / 806S (consumables)