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Silo Temperature Measurement


Scanbox ADT-D managing energy and data recording for digital temperature measuring cables.

  • Connection and control of digital 2-wire temperature measuring cables
  • Steel housing dust and splash proof
  • With installed electronic control components, ready for start-up
  • Digital data transfer by ADT databus, up to max. 1000m, remote power supply included
  • Connection capacity: max. 512 (8x64) measuring points
  • Extendible to max. 30 scanboxes ADT-D for simultaneous operation

Art. 1030040

Scanbox ADSB managing energy and data recording for analogue temperature measuring cables with thermistors.

  • Designed to connect and control analogue Agro Therm and PT10’000 sensor cables
  • Also usable for temperature sensors of different brands

Art. 1030001

Please contact Agromatic for detailed information.