The Agromatic AG

Agromatic AG (limited company) had been founded in 1979 by a group of experts from the grain industry with electronical background. The operational business started with the development and manufacturing of temperature monitoring systems for silos and level indicators.

The monitoring systems of Agromatic had a wide acceptance right from the start; thhis was reason for closing the very first operational year with a positive result.  

  • 1982 the first automatically regulating dampening system for grain has been supplied to an austrian mill
  • 1984 erection and move-in of own company building  
  • 1986 opening of subsidiary in Germany 
  • 1987 opening of different country representations 
  • 1991 operational bussiness in Austria

At the same time new monitoring units and products were evaluated, designed and manufacutred.

Nowadays Agromatic manufactures about 230 different units for the grain and feed processing industry.  the range of own developments has been enlarged by especially selected external products, which are partly marketed under the name of Agromatic

Until an external product is introduced to the market by Agromatic, it runs through extensive quality testing. Only firstclass devices carry the brand name Agromatic.

The continuous success prooves that we can solve the problems of our customers, increase the quality of their products and optimize the efficiency of their production.