Dampening Systems

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Already in 1979  Agromatic manufactured the first automatic dampening system with on-line humidity measurement, which was a small revolution at that time. The today's fifth generation ACU200 is based on extensive technical know-how in the dampening process.
In order to give you as miller the possibility to adapt the system to your special requirements Agromatic manufactures the dampening systems in modular components. So you may choose:
    ⁃    1-step dampening
    ⁃    2-step dampening
    ⁃    3-step dampening

The components of the  ACU200

The components of the ACU200
Dosage control AMZR, for exact registration and/or dosage of the required amount of grain. Registration of the actual weight in continuous flow. Very low constructin height of only 445mm, dialogue interface to electronic unit ACU200E. 

Art. 7010060 Flow control AMZR10 100kg - 300kg/h
Art. 7010061 Flow control AMZR12 200kg - 15 to/h
Art. 7010062 Flow control AMZR15 400kg - 30 to/h
Art. 7010063 Flow control AMZR25 500kg -  100 to/h
Appropriate inlet-/outlet chutes on request 


Measuringtrack ACU200M
for exact determination of the hectolitreweight, the product temperature and the actual humidity of the product in on-line mode.

Art. 0005055 measuringtrack max. 12 to/h
Art. 0005053 measuringtrack max. 15 to/h
Art. 0005056 measuringtrack max. 20 to/h
Art. 0005057 measuringtrack max. 30 to/h

larger throughput capacities on request 

Water Dosage Unit

Water dosage unit ACU200M for dosage of the required water amount by the electronic unit  ACU200E. With water throughput meter and feedback signal to the electronic unit. 
Complete with sandfilter, pressurevalve and manual dosage via optical throughputmeter (if more water is required for a short interval). 

Art. 0005054 to 1000 l/h
Art. 0005055 to 1500 l/h (5% 30 to/h)

larger throughput capacities on request 

Electronic Unit

Electronic unit ACU200E
designed for:
    ⁃    1-step dampening
    ⁃    2-step dampening
    ⁃    3-step dampening

Continuous display of:
    ⁃    required water amount 
    ⁃    actual water amount
    ⁃    hectolitreweight
    ⁃    throughput amount of grain 
    ⁃    throughput amount of water
    ⁃    adjustable limits, datarecord storage

Easiest operation, interface RS232 and RS485, alarm relais contacts

Art. 0005052

Dampening Screws Agrogran N

Dampening Screws Agrogran N
in an angle low-speed running dampening screw, 
all product touching parts in stainless steel,
best possible division of the water on the corn surface.
The inclination of the screw protects water running into the tempering bin. 

Recommended water addition  0 – max. 6% pro dampening step

For more details please refer to the datasheet

Art. 0005001 up to 3 to/h
Art. 0005002 up to 5 to/h
Art. 0005003 up to 8 to/h
Art. 0005004 up to 12 to/h
Art. 0005005 up to 20 to/h
Art. 0005006 up to 30 to/h
Art. 0005007 up to 40 to/h

larger capacities on request