Full-/Empty Indicators

Capacitive rod probe

Capacitive rod probe ACC3
Basic rod 1m, extendable up to 4m, 18-230V supply voltage;
signal output via potentialfree switching contact, automatic
self-adjustment, mounting thread 1 1/2" gastight 

Art. 3010021 ATEX zone 20/21/22
Art. 3010022 for zonefree operation

Combi rod probe integrated in underfloor suspensionbox

Combi rod probe integrated in underfloor suspensionbox BD90 
for countersunk mounting, also in combination with the silo-temperature measurement

Art. 0003151 special construction
Art. 0003152 special consstruction as above however in suspensionbox BD90P for  later integration

Capacitive rope probe, standard rope length 2,5m

Capacitive rope probe
Standard rope length 2,5m, 18-230V supply voltage, signal output via potentialfree switching contact, automatic self adjustment, mountingthread 1 1/2“
available in lengths of 1,0 – 12m

Art. 3010023 ATEX zone 20/21/22
Art. 3010024 zonefree
Art. 3010034 semi conductor output PNP/NC 10-30V, supply voltage 12-27V DC

Extension module for combi level sensor, rope or rod

Extension module for combi level sensor 
rope or rod
Ex-separation version for rack panel mounting
2-channels (2 full level sensors can be switched on one module) 
auxiliary voltage 24V DC / output each 1 potentialfree relais switching contact

Art. 3080001 ATEX version/sensor in Z20
Art. 3080009 zonefree

Extension for rod probe

Extension for rod sensor
(max. 4 per probe), length 1m (0,5m)

Art. 0003201 (0,5m)
Art. 0003201 (1m)
Art. 3080011 (0,5m)
Art. 0003202 (1m stainless steel V2A)
Surface extension for rod probe, application in extremely light products  (L 0,2 hL) or with products of rest humidity < 2% 

Art. 0003203    


Vibrationrod AVN2020
with insertion depth 235mm (other length on request)
application for difficult products such as filter outlet
20 – 230V AD/DC
Signal output potentialfree relais switching contact, product touching parts in stainless steel

Art. 3030001 ATEX zone 20/21/22

Capacitive plate sensor

Capacitive plate sensor
Silo-empty indicator
heavy duty construction for larger bins,
electronic with automatic self adjustment,
signal output potentialfree relais switching contact 
supply voltage 18 – 230V AC/DC

Art. 3010027 ATEX zone 20/22/22   
Art. 3010028 zonefree

Rotary switch

Rotary switch
heavy duty construction, suited for all kinds of grains
operating temperature till 80°C
metal wing, potentialfree switching contact 

Art. 3000003 auxiliary supply voltage 230VAC
Art. 3000002 auxiliary supply voltage 110V 60Hz
Art. 3000001 auxiliary supply voltage 24V DC

Shaft extension with rope and mountingparts

Shaft extension with rope and mounting parts 

Art. 0003016 1m
Art. 0003017 2m
othere on request

weather protectioncase

Weather protectioncase
for mounting the rotary switch outside

Art. 3080012

Shaft extension

Ahft extension 1m for rotary switch
unflexible with mounting accessories

Art. 0003013

Assembly parts

1 1/2“ inner thread, flange ∅ 120mm, height 60mm

Art. 0003224

Welded sleeve

Welded sleeve
1 1/2“ inner thread, length 60mm

Art. 0003221 zinc plated
Art. 0003222 raw

1 1/2“ Counternut

1 1/2“ counternut
cast iron, zinc-plated

Art. 0003223

Mountingangleset with anchor bolt

Mountingangleset with anchor bolt
for mounting of rope- and rod sensors at bin entrance chute (under floor), zinc-plated

Art. 3080005
Art. 3080006 with 1 1/2“ thread