Remote Control

Special application bakery
The baker should know: " Do I have enough flour in the tank?" 
The miller should know: "Do I have to make a supply before the festive season ?"

Flour level control in bakeries, detached storages etc.


GSM-Transferunit for transmission of flour levels from continuous level sensor or from 1 - 3 level probes per flourbin/bucket.

Automatic transmission when reaching the adjusted value or if level changes. Scanning of the flourlevels possible at any time.  Data transfer via all GSM nets (handynet) as short message,
completely programmed, ready for operation incl. external antenna and 10m connectioncable.

Art. 0003465 for 8 levels (2 - 3 silos)
Art. 0003666 for 16 levels (3 - 8 silos)