Quick moisture tester

There are different ways to determine the water content of grain. Reference measurement is the  ashing process which however takes at least 30 minutes.
Very precise results can be achieved with whole kernel instruments when conditions are precisely defined.
Agro Combi is a moisture testers meeting these conditions.

Quick Moisture Tester Agro Combi

Quick Moisture Tester Agro Combi

Hand-held unit with easy operation and high accuracy of measurement. 
10 basic products in calibratable range  
Further 65 products are now available.
Up to 98 products can be stored in the unit. For special products you have the option to erect productcurves by yourself.

Combi Profi Art 6020003 unit with over 60 stored products, case and accessories  

Combi Profi Art S 6020004 Expanded unit with all available products, RS232 interface, case and accessories

Granolino II whole kernel quick moisture tester

Granolino II whole kernel-quick moisture tester 
with hectolitre scale and integrated printer  
Technical data:
- measurement of temperature, humidity and volume 
- clearly arranged 2-line illuminated display 
- menueguided operation
- automatic measurement start and printout 
- integrated printer
- supply voltage 90-230VAC
- approx. 68 integrated productcurves, max. 250 
- application temperature 5-45°C
- sizes 345 x 311 x 192 mm, weight 5,7kg

Art. 4080001