Metalic impurities in food and luxury food as well as in animal feed during the processing or in the packed product cannot be tolerated and may cause severe damage to the machines.
For the separation of metal impurities two different methods are available: 

  • the all metal separation
  • the magnet separation

All metal detectors are in the position to detect all kinds of metal compounds (magnetic - non magnetic); in contrary to the magnet separators. With the magnet separators only magnetic material like iron/steel etc. can be separated. 

All-metal detectors: the basic components
a) Metall detectors with separation for free-flowing products 
b) Metall detectors for pneumatic conveying systems
c) Metall detectors for packinglines and packed products  

The productline of metal detectors/separators offers a large varity of designs. Most units are manufactured according to customers requirements. Therefor the units shown underneath are only a peekk of the possibilities. (For details please have a look at the datasheets) 

a) Metal detector/separator for freeflowing, bulk products, serie AMS


Processing electronic unit
for the different metal detectors
Depending on the requirements different units can be supplied: 

Processing unit MD1 highly sensible unit with internal logfile, easy handling, easy adaption to numerous products
standard or multi frequency technique
Application: food industry

Processing unit MD2 standard construction of MD1 multi frequency technique
Application: plastic industry, timer industry, partly also animal feed industry etc. 

Processing unit MD3 basic and low-cost unit
usage mainly in the recycling industry, partly also in the plastics industry

Compact free fall magnets

Compact free fall units
with integrated separation or only as detectionunit  
in metal frame, heavy-duty casted detection coil with free hanging
detectionpipe inside
alternatively with fix separationunit
standard unit with pipe diameter 80-500mm
stainless steel construction for foods
processing unit either directly mounted to unit of separate
standard unit MD1 with internal logfile for single and multi frequency technique 
units for ATEX zone 20/21/22 or zonefree

Metal detection coils with sensing pipe

Metal detection coils with sensing pipe
optionally for vertical, sloping or horizontal mounting,
combined with electronic unit MD1 with internal logfile or with processing unit MD2 or MD3 Kombiniert mit Elektronikgerät MD1 
designed for pure detection and control or perhaps separation
compact design e.g. for small packages, bag closing systems etc. where contaminated bags have to be separated
Standard fo pipediameter 50-700mm (round) or 80/100 to 1200/1200 rectangular or square detection coils AGLS.
Units for ATEX zone 20/21/22 or zonefree

All metal detectors and separation unit for pressure or suction pneumatics
horizontal mounting or vertical serie AGF

Pipe magnet

Safe separation of impurities in pressure of suction pneumatics 
The materialflow passes the detection pipe without mechanical
interference, the patented separationunit allows to separate the contaminated material without drop of pressure. Construction stainless steel

Complete unit with pneumatic separator in frame
ready for operation
for pipe diameter 70-200mm
detached processing and operating unit, version MD1+
unit for ATEX zone 2/29/21/22/zonefree

Agrocont AGK Allmetallausscheidebänder
Allmetalldetektionsbänder werden im Baukastensystem nach Kundenwunsch und Applikation zusammengebaut.

Agrocont Kompakt mit Ausscheideeinheit
Kompakte Metalldetektionsbänder für Kleinpackungen in der pharmazeutischen Industrie, der Lebensmittelindustrie usw.
Bandbreite 50 – 300mm bei Längen 800-1500mm
Produktdurchlasshöhen 30-400mm
Ausscheideeinheit je nach Art der Verpackung, der Grösse und des Gewichtes
Luftpusher mit Auffangbox
Luftschieber mit Auffangbox

Agrocont S
für schwere, grössere Güter, Sackmaterial, Kartonboxen, Schrumpfbeutel etc.
Bandbreiten 100-600mm
Produktedurchlasshöhen 100-600mm
Ausscheideeinheit je nach Art der Verpackung, der Grösse und des Gewichtes
Luftschieber, Weichen, Markierung
Metallausscheidebänder können, je nach Ausführung auf Rollen verschiebbar ausgeführt werden.
In der Höhe anpassbar (mechanisch / Spindel, Elektrospindel)
Transportgeschwindigkeit regulierbar (Varioantrieb)
Je nach Produktart kann mittels Einfrequenz/Mehrfrequenztechnologie detektiert werden. Je nach Anwendung, gewünschter Empfindlichkeit und Sicherheit stehen 3 unterschiedliche Elektronikgeräte zur Verfügung. 


Testkörper zur Kontrolle, Justage der Allmetalldetektionsgeräte
Koffer mit unterschiedlichen Testkörpern, optisch gut sichtbar und auffindbar aufgebaut (Plexiglasbarren)
unterschiedliche Ausführung je nach Testkörperart (Stahl/Edelstahl/Messing/Kupfer usw.)
Partikelgrösse abgestimmt auf jeweiliges Gerät
einsetzbar für:

  • Freifallgeräte
  • Tunneldetektoren
  • Pneumaticgeräte
  • Ausscheidebänder