Magnets (permanent magnets and magnets for special solutions)

With magnets all metal contaminations which are magnetizable can be separated. These are mainly iron/steel or stainless steel up to a certain degree of purity. 
For safety metal separation only permanent magnets of different capacities are used.  For special applications in the sorting of junk iron electro magnets can be used.
The separationmagnets are manufactured mainly from system components according to customers specifications, therefor please find some examples underneath. For details please contact us or refer to the specific datasheets.

Plate Magnets

Plate Magnets APM and APMN (Neodym)
for countersunk mounting (inletframe) or installation
Application for simple separation withvery fluffy, light materials such as gras, chaff material etc.
Construction size from 200x200 – 800x800mm square or rantangular 

Magnet strength acc. to product specifications and bulk heights 

Grid Magnet

Grid Magnet AGM fox
Single grid magnet, bars can be removed for easy cleaning
prortective tubes/frame in stainless steel construction: round / rectangular / or square


Magnet grids, multilayer AMXF
multilayer magnet grids in housing with drawer/magnetgrid 
All product touching parts in stainless steel, different magnets are used depending on the required magnet strength
in-/outlet, round, rectangular or square
Magnet protecting pipes in different constructions depending on product (electro-polished/surface coating for abrassive materials) 
Standardsizes 100-400mm ∅ 
can also be supplied in square or rectangular  version

Magnet Grid

Magnet grid AMXS, multi-layer, thin magnetic rods for  special products (spices, chemicals/granulates)
construction in stainless steel, up to 4 grid layers
single grids can be removed for cleaning,
round or rectangular/square inlet
standard sizes 100-400mm ∅ square

Rotating Magnet Grid

Rotating magnet grid Ma APX (Rotomagnet)
Compact rotation magnet 
easiest cleaning, rods can be removed enbloc 
application for products tending  to lump
construction in stainless steel, in/outlet
round or square 80-500mm

Drum magnet

Drum magnet ATM open, without housing
Application in strongly contaminated material 
drum is supplied ready for operation, with mounted bearingblocks 
magnet drum in stainless steel, tight construction 
standard diameter 215/315 and 400mm, drum length 400-1000mm

Drum magnet

Drum magnet ATMG 
same as above but with housing
complete with stripper
drum and housing in stainless steel 1.4301
as optino avaiable in high temperature version

Pipe magnet

Pipe magnet ARM – the classical
frame with sealed door, with mounted cone magnet 
supplied either in stainless steel V2A or  normal steel powder-coated 
cone magnet with high magnetic capacity 
easy cleaning 
standard sizes 200/300/400/500/600 in in-/outletdiameter
separationunit in combination with electronical magnet
(not suited for food or animal feed)

Further magnets or constructions on request