Scales and Flow Meters

Mengendosierer/-regler AMZR...Serie

Dosage Control/Flow Meter AMZR...Serie
for free flowing products
exact dosage control via a baffleplate suspended at harness with precision loadcell
electronic unit directly integrated in unit with numerous interfaces
insertion product stream/limit with switch-off
optionally pure throughput measurement with totalising,

For usage of the unit in mixing plants every unit can take over the position of the masterfunction. 
External control/data retrieval via RS485 or profibus interface
total height only 445mm (all types)
compact design, auxiliary supply 24V DC
(optional 230/115V AC) compressed air connection 1 – 10 bar
(internal reduction) 

Art. 7010060 AMZR10/24V DC 10-300 kg/h
Art. 7010061 AMZR12/24V DC 200-15'000 kg/h
Art. 7010062 AMZR15/24V DC 400-30'000 kg/h
Art. 7010063 AMZR25/24V DC 500-100'000 kg/h


- tare weight
- inlet-/outlet trimelle on Jaccob-flange, weld flange- or   
  rectangular flange 

Scale for granular or floury products

Scales for granular or floury products
(for in-house operation or calibratable)
Coatless pipescale AMDSL/AMEAF with rotating aspiration
weighing bucket suspended via 3 load cells 
constructed on base frame 
product inlet via one-step segment gate
productoutlet via bottomclap with directly connected or separate scale electronic unit AMEAG in protectionclass IP65 
easy operation via 8 functionkeys, large 14-digit alphanummerical display
serial interface RS485
interface profibus DPslave serially

Art. 7010001 throughput 4,5to/h (flour)
Art. 7010002 throughput 10,8to/h
Art. 7010003 throughput 16,2 to/h
Art. 7010004 throughput 21,6 to/h
Art. 7010005 throughput 32 to/h
Art. 7010006 throughput 40,5 to/h

extensive accessories such as:
    ⁃    feeding bucket
    ⁃    decharging bucket
    ⁃    screwfeeder outlet
    for details please refer to the datasheets

Scale electronic units/load cells for in-house weighing or calibratable operation

Universal scale electronic unit

Universal Scale Electronic Unit AMEAG/I
for in-house weighing (not calibratable)
compact scale electronics with simple and clear operation and large alphanumerical display
integrated in steel housing protictionclass IP65
can be used as:
    ⁃    scale electorni unit for platform scales 
    ⁃    for bucket scales
    ⁃    for dosage scales
    ⁃    for bagging scales
    ⁃    for Big-Bag-weighing
    ⁃    for bulk scales

Can be integrated in operational control without difficulties
integrated  RS485 dialogue interface or
Profibus interface DP-Slave

Art. 7010046 for auxiliary supply 115/230V AC
Art. 7010047 for auxiliary supply 24V DC

Remote Control

Remote control
for scale AMEAG/I in housing for wallmounting or desktop usage

Art. 7010048

Extended Keyboard

Extended keyboard
(completely alphanumerical keyboard) for connection to electronic unit  AMEAG/I
allows easy and quick operation

Art. 7010049

Calibratable Scale Control

Calibratable Scale Control
universal scale control A-DI for calibratable operation,
compact design with  Wiegeelektronik mit plain writing buttons
(no function keys)
Easiest operation with large comfort for adaption to the specific requirements of the customer, such as layout of weighing slip, multi-printing etc.
Internal, non-volatile charge counter (logbook) with lotnumber 
Weighing/interruption/finishing/weighing process/weight/date/time,
compact design in steel housing protection class IP65
standard RS485 interface,
Optional profibus interface
application for belt scales, bucket scales, sacking scales with coarse and fine charging

bulk intake/decharging scale
ideal electronic unit for reconstruction e.g. reconstruction of mechanical scale into electronic operation

Art. 0007070

Extensive accessories such as: 
    ⁃    connectionboxes for load cells  (sealable)
    ⁃    connectionbox for valve control 
    ⁃    calibratable load cells 
    ⁃    load cells for internal weighing 
    ⁃    load cell suspension
    ⁃    elastomer bearings for load cells  
    ⁃    weight note printer etc.
   upon request