Inductive sensors

Inductive sensors react on magnetic conductive material (iron), steel etc. conditionally also on stainless steel. The application is mainly in high-wear operation at claps, slides, distribution devices etc. as impuls meter, limit switch etc.

We manufacture two different productionseries:

  • Standardversion
  • Version with higher interference protection regarding electromagnetical interferences (speed monitor/FU etc.)  
Induktiver Standardsensor ASI12DC4PNP NC/NO 10-30V DC

Inductive standardsensor ASI12DC4PNP NC/NO 10-30V DC
housing metall M12 *) fine thread M12x1 length 61mm
connectioncable 3pol 2m
safety version with 24V DC 55Vpp

Art. 0004003 version PNP NC
Art. 0004001 version PNP NC

Inductive standardsensor ASI18 DC8 PNP NC/NO 10-30V DC

Inductive standardsensor ASI18 DC8 PNP NC/NO 10-30V DC
switching distance 4mm / 10-30V DC
metal housing M18 x 1, length 70mm
connectioncable 2m 3-wire
safety construction with 24V DC 55Vpp

Art. 0004026 PNP NO
Art. 0004027 PNP NC


Inductive sensor with large switching distance up to 90mm
rectangular-plastic housing with 4 mountingholes
connectioncable 2m 3-wires
adjusting range 20-90mm

Art. 0004084 PNP NC
Art. 0004089 PNP NO
Art. 3060005 NO+NC

Sensors with higher interference safety

Sensors with higher interference protection against alaktromagnetical interferences, with double shield and shielded wire. Sensor can be used where high interference protection is necessary Einsatz da, wo hohe Störsicherheit gefordert wird, mainly where FU/speed sensors etc. are used.hauptsächlich wo FU/Drehzahlregler etc. im Einsatz stehen.Construction same as abovementioned however the sensors are equipped with electronical filters and shielded wire. 


ASI12DC4PNP NO/NC 10-30V (55VppV) TF
switching distance 4mm
connectioncable 2m, shielded

Art. 0004006 PNP NC
Art. 0004005 PNP NO

Mounting accessories

ASI18DC8 PNP NO/NC 10-30V (55VppV)TF

ASI18DC8 PNP NO/NC 10-30V (55VppV)TF
switching distance 8mm
connectioncable 2m, shielded EXII3DIP67T80°C/EXII3GEExnAIIT5

Art. 0004023 PNP NO+NC 4-Leiter    


Separationglas A507 diameter 180mm with O-ringsealing, size 6mm, ATEX certified as zoneseparation, highly impact resistant 

Art. 0003714

Mounting bracket

Mountingbracket/impact protection for sensors ASIQ80

Art. 3080007
Art. 0004089
Alu/impact resistance 7 J
fits on 0003714 Art. 0002902