Conveyor Control

Conveyors are almost the most dangerous machines in mills and feed mill plants. The dangers caused by conveyors can however be eliminated with little efforts.
Agromatic has developped and manufactured control units for conveyors already back in 1979. 

Speed-/alignment control (combined units)

Bearing-/Motor temperature control (combined units)

Two possible methods of conveyor control

ALS906 Combined speed-/alignment control unit

for 1 - 10 sensors, in order to monitor:
- absolute speed 
- differential speed control (drive/base shaft)
- alignment control (beltrun) at top
- alignment control (beltrun) at bottom
- everything in combination
- additional rupture-claps and jam indicators
integrated, automatic pull time delay, either active or passive safety control * pull time delay, either active or passive safety , internal record with 128 entries,
default memory, safety category 2, panel rack mounting,
auxiliary supply 24V DC, single- or group alarms, electronical sensor and wire control, optional RS485 interface

Art. 5060001
Art. 0005263 optional RS 485 interface

Active or passive safety
You can choose with even costs:
- to monitor the conveyor "actively", which means that the belt must run sideways the distance x or the differential speed must drop by the value x before alarm is initialized

Passive control

Passive safety
the beltrun is normal
both sensors do not "see" a bucket

the belt run is abnormal, runs sideways
one sensor "sees" the belt    

Example active safety

Active safety
the belt run is normal
both sensors "see" the bucket

the belt runs decentralized 
the sensor does not "see" the bucket anymore

Alignment sensor

Alignmentsensor ASLS2000
for usage in zone 20/21, special sensor for conveyors with plastic buckets, EXII 1/2 DIP65T90+C/BCS 03ATEX E 116,
auxiliary voltage 10-35V/electronical rod control,
Direct connection to controlunit ALS906, passive control/electronic switching, no mechanically moving parts

Art. 0002119 without function LED
Art. 0002120 with function LED 

Alignmentsensor ASIQ80

Alignmentsensor ASIQ80CE50PNPCZ22
Alignmentsensor in ATEX protective housing for active or
passive safety (zone 22 Ex 113D IP67T80°CX) 
Mounting by means of sightglas art. 0003714 for zone separation 

Art. 0004085 

Speed sensor

Speed Sensor ASI12CE4PNP NC
diameter 12mm, switching distance to 4mm 
ASI18CE8 PNP NC, diameter 18mm, switching distance 8mm,
inductive sensor for speed control of the drive or the base shaft (shaft end/key slot), projecting parts etc.) or the shaft end/key slot, projecting parts etc.
connectioncable shielded, length 1,5m

Zone 22 EX II3D IP67T80°CX
Art. 0004006 ASI12
Art. 0004028 ASI18 

Complete unitsets
 has arranged convenient unitsets.
Your advantage: makes the choice very easy
Included in delivery: mounting- and operating manual with exact information on the necessary installationcable.
What is not included in the sets: screws, extensioncable, cable ducts or installation pipes

Limit switches

Limit switches ABR100 for zone 1/2 and 21/22
pulley height 95mm, adjustment range 100mm
for control of elevators, bucket chain conveyors and belts
Sensing contact in 3-wire safety switch 
EX II2GEExdellCT6/ExII 2DIP65-T80°C
Art. 5070001 


Single speed monitoring
Electronic unit with 1 ASI12 speedsensor
Art. 5060002 


Differential- or absolute speed control 
Electronic unit with 2 ASI12 speed sensors
Art. 5060003 


Combined unit alignment and speed control
Elektronic unit with 1 ASI12 speed and 2 ASIQ80 alignment
sensors  (Inductive)
our top seller


Alignment control
Electronic unit with 2 ASIQ80 alignment sensors 
Art. 5060004 


Combined unit 1 x speed control, 2 x alignment control,
Electronic unit with ASI12 speed- and 4 ASIQ80 alignment sensors (inductive) 
Art. 5060007 


Alignment control at top and bottom 
Electronic unit with 4 ASIQ80 alignmentsensors (inductive)
Art. 5060005 


Combined unit 1 x  speed control,
4 x alignment control (twin conveyor with fix base shaft) 
Electrinic unit with 1 ASI12 speed- and  8 ASIQ80 alignment sensors (inductive, for twin conveyor) 
Art. 5060008 


1 x Alignment control at elevator with plastic buckets
Electronic unit with 2 ASLS2000 alignment sensors
Art. 5060009 


Combined unit 1 x alignment control at elevator with
plastic buckets and 1 x speed control
Electronicunit with 1 ASI12 speed- and 2 ASLS2000 alignment sensors
Art. 5060011 


2 x Alignment control at elevator with plastic buckets
 Electronic unit with 4 ASLS2000 alignmentsensors
Art. 5060010 


Combined unit 2 x alignment control at elevator with plastic buckets and 1 x speed control
electronic unit with 1 speed- and 4 ASLS2000 alignment sensors
Art. 5060012 


Electronic unit with 2 ASI12 speed- and 4 ASLS2000 alignment sensors
Art. 5060014 

Bearing-/Motor Temperature Control

ALS605 10-Kanal Temperaturüberwachungsgerät

ALT605 10-Channel Temperature Monitoring Unit
 e.g. for:
- the 4 shafts at elevator
- the gearbox
- the motor
- product temperature (elevator ejection) 
limit temperature individually adjustable, alarm output, automatically scans all connected sensors and initialized alarm where limit is exceeded 
Art. 0005652
Art. 0005263 optional RS485 interface 

Flat Temperature Sensor

Flat temperature Sensor
for pinching under lubrication nipple or for mounting in motors 
Art. 0001218 

Screw temperature sensor

Screw temperature sensor
for mounting in bearing cup, M8 thread
Art. 0001207 

In order to help you composing the moduls we offer complete ready to use sets (unit with sensors) which can be individually combined. 
Not included in the sets are: connectioncable, screws, installationpipes etc.
Attention: the sensor combination can be changed e.g. screw sensors instead of flat temperature sensors. 

Rod Temperature Sensor

Rod temperature sensor
for assembly in head of conveyor,
mountingthread M8, insertion depth 100mm, Stainless steel
Art.  5020002


Limit switch with 4 screw temperature sensors
Art. 5030001 


Limit switches with 4 screw-/ and 1 flat temperature sensor
Art. 5030002 


Limit switch with 8 screw-/ and 1 flat temperature sensor 
Art. 5030003 

Mounting accessories

Separation glas


∅ 180mm with O-ring sealing
for separation and for mounting the alignment sensors
always include one glas with your order!

certified as zone separation (ATEX)  
Art. 0003714