Temperature Monitoring Systems

Principle construction of modern temperature value transmission

Prinzipieller Aufbau moderner Temperaturmesswertübertragung

Temperature monitoring in silos, flat storages is absolutely essential. Approx. 30% of the worldwide grain harvest is lost due to unprofessional storage; whereas 20% loss is due to missing temperature monitoring systems.
Swiss mnufacturers have been absolut pioneers in this branch of storage control Already in the 30st of the last century the principle of the hollowrope has been designed by innovative engineers. In these early days they realized which enormous loads the temperature monitoring cable is exposed to.
Therefor they designed a special cable which could resist the high tensile and ...pressure loads. It was clear to them that they had to develop a rope which could stand the extremely high tensile loads.  The difficult point was the load transmission from hollow rope to suspensionhead. Here a practicable solution, still working for today for Swiss made cables has been found.
Thus the basis for the tremendous success of the Swiss Make temerpature monitoring system for silos could be established. Various copies were recognized on the market, but none achieving the quality of a Swiss made temperature monitoring system.