Temperature monitoring in concrete silos

Construction of a temperature monitoring system with serial installation and zone separation

Aufbau einer Temperaturmessanlage mit serieller Installation und Zonentrennung ATEX 20 auf 22 oder frei


Suspensionbox for monitoringcables and level sensors

Suspensionbox for monitoring cables and level sensors

for equipment in existing buildings,
suited for binceiling from concrete, steel or wood,
reinforcement from above, no tripping points,
flush to the floor

Art. 0001252 standard BD90P
Art. 001255 ATEX tested box BD90P

Bodendosen für Messgehänge und Vollmelder

Suspensionbox for monitoring cables and level sensors 
for reinforcement with new buildings 
construction height acc. to standard 60mm

Art. 0001251 standardbox BD90
Art. 0001254 ATEX tested box BD90

Temperature monitoring cable for concrete silos

Standard monitoring cables

Standard monitoringcables
(also for steel silos >20m and suited for wodden bins)
permitted for tensile loads up to 4500kN/28m cable length,
for 1 - 16 sensors, digital

Art. 1050023 for zonefree operation
Art. 1051000 for zone 22
Art. 1050005 for zone 21/20

High load temperature monitoringcable

High load monitoring cable
for silos up to 95m bin height, permitted for tensile loads up to 8000kN, for 1 - 16 sensors, digital

Art. 0001201 zonefree 
Art. 0001202 for zone 20/21/22 


Extension with wireless transmitssion

Extension with wireless transmission
Single monitoringcables as well as complete siloblocks can be connected to the Agromatic wireless transmitter. Therefor extensive and expensive installations, especially for extensions can be avoided.  
Detached silos can therefor easily be integrated into the monitoring system.

Data registration / control fix installation

Digital junctionbox

Digital junctionbox
for connection of up to 512 sensors (2-wire digital) e.g. 42 monitoringcables with 12 sensors each or  32 monitoringcables with 16 sensors 

Art. 1030040 for monitoringcables in zone 20/21
Art. 1030041 for zonefree operation

Extension with level control

Eytension with full level control
the suspensionboxes BD90 and BD90P are basically equipped for combi full level sensors, therefor only one installation for full level and temperature monitoring are necessary.

Combi level sensor integrated  in suspensionbox BP90 or BD90P 

Art. 0003151 Combi rod probe in BD90 for ATEX zone 20/21/22/zonefree
Art. 0003152 Combi rod probe in BD90P for ATEX zone 20/21/22/zonefree

Control unit with SM2010

Web Interfacekit SM2NET

Web Interfacekit SM2NET
for access to the temperature monitoring system by means of an internet browser 

Art. 1000009


Agro Duro Easy ADT Auswertegerät

Agro Duro Easy ADT Control unit

- Single measurement
- group measurement
- full measurement
- rotating measurement
- automatic, cyclical measurement
- limit measurement (Limit)
- differential measurement (temperature changes)
- graphical display, storage etc. 

extendable with touchscreen art. 1000005 

Art. 1000013 Agro Duro Easy ADT for max. 80 monitoringcables
Art. 1000014 Agro Duro ADT for max. 200 monitoringcables
Art. 1000012 Agro Primera II ADT for max. 1200 monitoringcables