Dryer Control

Grain dryers of different kinds are often subject to self ignition, mainly caused by product jams and overheating.  The dryer control (no humidity control) has been developped in cooperation with the demands of the german insurance companies and corresponds to the official regulations. 


Temperature sensors for assembly in grain dryers
under roof 
in stainless steel construction V2A
application in zone 2 or 22 in IP67
mountingthread M8, insertion length 100mm, ∅ 5mm
connectioncable 5m
permitted operating temperature incl. cable  – 50 to +200°C

Art. 5020002

Grain dryer control unit

ATW605 Grain dryer control unit for 1 – 10 sensors
4 alarm outputs for stepwise switching off of the dryer
switchboard unit, measuring range -30 to +210°C
complete with software ATW605/3.X 

Art. 5020001

Emergency power supply
for dryer control unit for 12 hours emergency operation

Art. 5020006