Temperature monitoring systems in steelsilos with fix installation

Schematical diagramme temperature monitoring in steel silo

Schema Stahlsilo

Temperature monitoringcables for steel silos up to 28m cylindrical height

 Monitoringcable with integrated connectionbox

Monitoringcable with integrated connectionbox
and flat mounting on roof bushing or at catwalk,
9mm, length 3-21m with 1-8 sensors, digital

Art. 1051031 zonefree/zone 21/22

Messkabel mit integrierter Anschlussdose

Monitoring cable with integrated connectionbox
and 1 1/2“ mountingthread on roofbushing or catwalk
17mm, length 3-28m with 1 – 12 sensors, digital

Art. 1051020 zonefree/zone 21/22

Measuringcable AMT-P

Measuringcable AMT-P with integrated flange plate ∅ 90mm 
for direct mounting on silo floor, 
cable ∅ 17mm, length 3-28m, up to 12 digital sensors

Art. 1051024

Monitoringcable with integrated connectionbox

Monitoringcable GKD89 DG with integrated connectionbox 
and 1 1/2“ mountingthread on roof connection or catwalk
17mm, length 3-50m with 1 – 12 sensors, digital

Art. 1050007 zonefree/zone 21/22,

Option with wireless transmission


Wireless adapter
for monitoringcables  
The above monitoringcables can be equipped with a wireless adapter instead of a fix installation. Therefor the wiring becomes redundant.

Art. 1110005

Data recording / control fix installation

ADT Junctionbox

Junctionbox ADT-D
mounted at catwalk or siloroof for connection of up to
512 sensors  (2-wire digital),  e.g. 85 monitoringcables with 6 sensors or 128 sensorcables with 4 sensors, protectionclass IP65

Art. 1030040 for monitoringcables zone 20/21
Art. 1030041 for zonefree operation

Control units with SM2010

Agro Duro Easy ADT Auswertegerät

Agro Duro control units

with SM2010 software
- single bin measurement
- groupmeasurement
- rotating measurement
- automatic, cyclical measurement
- limit measurement (Limit)
- differential measurement (changes of temperature)
- storage
- graphical display etc. 

Art. 1000013 Agro Duro Easy ADT for max. 80 measuringcables
Art. 1000014 Agro Duro ADT for up to 200 measuringcables
Art. 1000011 Agro Primera ADT for 1200 measuringcables

Web Interfacekit SM2NET

Web Interfacekit SM2NET
for access to the temperature monitoring system with the internet browser 

Art. 1000009

Ballhead roof penetration

Ballhead roof penetration 
for mounting of the monitoringcable directly on the silo roof,
automatic adaptation to roof slope, absolutely tight for monitoringcables  Art. 1051020 and Art. 1050007

Art. 1070001


suspension bracket

Suspension bracket ABB220

Art. 0001261 for suspending the monitoringcables
Art. 1051020 and 1050007 within the silos

Mountingflange 1 1/2“

Mountingflange 1 1/2“

with internal thread 1 1/2“ for mounting on roof bracket  
Art. 1051020 and 1050007

Art. 0003224