Temperature monitoring in flat storages and storage halls

Easiest, save and efficient way of monitoring with wireless probes

In grain storages it is not sensible to use fix installed temperature monitoringcables. Often they cannot be mounted due to the aeration (transverse brace/travelling tripper).

Temperature probes with connectioncable are susceptible to faults and have not proven reliable in the practice. Therefor Agromatic has developped an extensive, easy and highly reliable wireless transmission system. The system characterizes by: absolutely reliable, long life time of the batteries (> 7 years).

Temperature monitoring system in grain storages with spearprobes/cable connection (left) and spearprobes with wireless module/ central transmitter (right) in combination

Lagerhalle mit Stechonden und Kabelanschluss und Stechsonden mit Funkmodul
Funksonde AGST-F

Wireless probe AGST-F
Length 1-12m with 1-3 sensors. Robust handle with integrated wireless module and battery. No operating elements.
Probe diameter 8mm, stainless steel tip. On-line application in wireless net when mounted in storage.

Art. 1110001 Wireless probe for zone 20 
Art. 1110002 Wireless probe for zonefree operation 

Funkknoten / Funkverteiler

Activator / Distributor
for mounting within the storage or on steel silos the communication connector between wireless probes or wireless monitoring cables.  From here the data are transmitted to the control unit.
An activator communicates with 1 - 99 wireless probes/cables. 
Art. 1110004 activator for externe supply of  230V auxiliary voltage
Art. 1110003 activator with remote supply ex control unit

Control unit

Agro Duro Easy ADT Auswertegerät

Agro Duro control unit
 with software SM2010/S
- single measurement
- groupo measurement
- total measurement
- rotating measurement
- automatic, cyclic measurement
- limit measurement 
- differential measurement (temperature changes)
- graphical display, storage etc. 
extendable with touchscreen Art. 1000005

Art. Agro Duro Easy ADT for max. 80 spearprobes
Art. Agro Duro ADT for up to 200 spearprobes

Web Interfacekit

Web Interfacekit SM2NET
for the access to the temperature monitoring system with internetbrowser

Art. 1000009



Connectioncable for monitoringcables 
between junctionboxes and activator 
max. 16 boxes can be switched in serie  

Art. 1040013


between junctionboxes and activator
(max. 16-serial) and control unit

Art. 1040001

Gastight connectors

Gastight connectors
3-fold for connection of the monitoringcables on bus wire
(2 pcs per cable)
Agromatic systems may only be connected with the certified and recommended connectors. Never use cutting or screwing connectors !

Art. 0001911 

Special pliers

Special pliers
for closing the gastight connectors
Art. 0001911