Units and complete systems of Agromatic are supplied and installed by our own technicaians. This assures you that the systems are properly installed and suited for that special application. You can contact our staff under

Independant from the mounting we would be pleased to take care of commissioning of our units and systems at site and give advice regarding the wiring according to valid Ex and country regulations.

Every technology might show an occasional default. Our systems and units are partly equipped with diagnostic software which allows an easy service at site. if you should need assistance please call us with mentioining of the 7 digit system number or send a mail to We can log into your system and take the necessary measures.

Periodical maintenance
the appropriate regulations require for systems or components in the ex or in the food sector a periodical check by especially trained staff (see operatingmanual). Agromatic will send a service agreement after the commissioning.

You intend to mount the Agromatic units and systems with your own staff ?
By means of the supplied extensive mountingmanual this is no problem. Please pay attention to the specific ex and country regulations. If you need support please contact us. We however recommend to order the Agromatic staff or your contractor for the commissioning. This will make sure to have the best possible working of your system. We will give you full support.