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Grain dampening with various pre-installed product curves to measure and control the required amount of water.

  • electronics built into steel housing
  • dimensions 330 x 380 x 170mm
  • wall mounting, zone-free
  • intuitive touch screen with integrated web server and large display of
    • target humidity
    • actual humidity
    • hl weight
    • temperature (grain)
    • throughput (grain)
    • target water addition
  • for direct connection of measuring section ACU210/M, water dosing unit ACU210/W and flow controller AMZR
  • alarm output via potential-free relay contact
  • limit value outputs
  • RS485 dialog interface to higher-level system
  • product storage pre-programmed for durum wheat, soft wheat, maize, spelt (grain), other products on request
  • automatic regulation of the target humidity on the basis of the set value
  • adjustable delay time for switching on the water addition in 2 steps
  • display of out-of-tolerance values (alarm)
  • use at an ambient temperature of -15°C to +45°C

art. 5000001


  • art. 5000013 Profibus DP Interface for ACU210/N
  • art. 5000014 Profinet-I/O Interface for ACU210/N

Measuring section for online measurement of temperature, hectolitre weight and relative humidity of the grain stream.

  • with humidity, temperature and hl weight sensor
  • pipe diameter 120mm for throughput capacity from2 – 20m3/h (art. 5000003: Ø 150mm, 4 – 35m3/h / art. 5000004: Ø 200mm, 6 – 75m3/h / art. 5000005: Ø 250mm, 10 – 130m3/h / art. 5000006: Ø 300mm, 15 – 175m3/h)

  • steel in RAL7032
  • installation height 872mm
  • approved for application in ATEX zone 22

art. 5000002


  • Inlet / Outlet Funnel (Trimelle) on Jacob Flange, Welding or Rectangular Flange

Water dosing unit for controlling the required amount of water determined by the ACU210/N touch.

  • water dosing unit 1/2" mounted on steel plate (art. 5000008: 3/4" / art. 5000009: 1")
  • with on-off valve, pressure reducer, magnetic-inductive flow sensor, proportional valve, water meter and float flow meter (max. 1600l/h, other sizes on request)
  • manual control device with needle valve

art. 5000007


  • art. 5000010 Frost Protection Housing for Water Dosing ACU210/W 1/2" with Sight Door
  • art. 5000011 Frost Protection Housing for Water Dosing ACU210/W 3/4" with Sight Door
  • art. 5000012 Frost Protection Housing for Water Dosing ACU210/W 1" with Sight Door

Compact quantity dosing device for free-flowing products such as grain, which can also be used for pure weight measurement.

  • precise dosing of the product flow by means of a pneumatic control valve
  • weight measurement via built-in baffle plate
  • electronics integrated directly in the device with extensive dialog interfaces
  • input of product flow / limit value with switch-off
  • optional pure throughput measurement with totalization
  • throughput capacity: 0.1 – 7.5t/h (art. 7010061: 0.2 – 15t/h / art. 7010062: 0.4 – 30t/h / art. 7010063: 5 – 100t/h)

  • When the device is used in mixing plants, each device can take over the master function.
  • external control / data retrieval via RS485 or Profibus interface
  • construction height 445mm
  • auxiliary voltage 24VDC, optionally also 230/115VAC possible
  • compressed air connection 1 - 10 bar (without reduction)

art. 5010060


  • Tare Weights
  • Inlet / Outlet Funnel (Trimelle) on Jacob Flange, Welding or Rectangular Flange

Dampening screw specially designed for the dampening of grain, manufactured according to customer-specific requirements.

  • stainless steel 1.4571
  • adjustable screw paddle and racket
  • water connection 3/4"
  • standard version with longitudinal geared motor (3x 400V 2kW), optional with angular geared motor
  • different sizes for throughput from 3 - 200t

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